BİEM R&D operates in the technology development area of TÜBİTAK MARTEK, which is the leader in the field of health and medicine in an indoor area of approximately 400 square meters. BİEM R&D, which has an experienced staff in the development of solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms as well as oncology drug dosage forms; develops unique solutions on production technologies with quality design (Quality by Design, QbD) and process analytical technology (Process Analytical Technology, PAT) and shares the developed technologies with the pharmaceutical industry through license agreements. With a team of highly qualified chemistry, pharmacy and biology PhDs and graduates, BİEM R&D is a dynamic, young and continuously growing company dedicated to be reliable partner for research and development. By providing BİEM laboratory-scale, early stage development studies, pilot / commercial scale, BİEM R&D coordinates until the final stage of development studies in GMP approved production facilities from EU authorities. Thanks to this cooperation, BİEM R&D provides all works for R&D partners targeting EU markets.

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